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Rubicon Scooter and Skateboard Day

WOW!.... We have such a courageous and fun group of children in our school. Our scooter and skateboarding day has been a huge success. All of our children learnt how to jump onto a skateboard and with a friend helping. Tricks were taught on two-wheeled scooters and confidences were grown. We are so proud that our children will all have a go, even when they think something is going to be hard or scary. The smiles and proud faces at the end of each session were wonderful. We have grown our brains in terms of scooter and skateboard skills and also in being courageous and supportive.

Every school in the country receives funding through the Sports Premium Grant, we used some of our money to pay for this day. We wanted to give the children chance to try something new and learn from a professional. We think a lot of you may end up at your local skate park this weekend!