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Chiltern Music Academy - Sing

On Friday, 16th March Year 2 took part in a “Sing, Perform, Inspire” workshop led by Chiltern Music Academy. The aim of these workshops is to inspire children to reach a high standard of performance in less than 3 hours, and to raise their confidence and self esteem as they perform a short video recorded concert to Headteachers and Governors.

220 children from six different schools came together for the morning and responded brilliantly to the leadership and teaching of Mrs Venvell and Mrs Marsh. The children (and staff!) learnt three songs and were able to perform them with style, focus, passion and musicality. The audience of Headteachers and Governors were extremely impressed, and all the children should be congratulated on their fine performance.

We look forward to hearing and seeing our Year 2 children perform to this standard in future school assemblies and events!


All the children were given three leaflets to bring home so that you, their parents, can see what CMA offers every week.

You are invited to register your child for the Space Explorers event on Saturday, 21st April – a musical space themed party complete with craft activities, photo booth, an interactive musical adventure led by an orchestra during which the children are invited to help them to rescue the Man in the Moon who has been captured by the Purple people eaters who live on Mars! This will followed by a space themed tea party and a chance to try out instruments. Early booking is recommended.



Finally, here is a link to the short video of the Year 2 “Sing, Perform, Inspire” workshop: